Here resides the Conley family and all of their morbid secrets. What at first appeared to be an abandoned cabin in the woods turns out to be far from empty. Inside you’ll meet Papa, Momma, their clan of  impish children, and even a few of the unfortunate ones that didn’t get away. Can you find your way through the cabin unscathed before the Conleys realize you snuck in?!


Ever wonder where the criminally insane go when they’re too much for hospitals and jails to manage? Many are sent to Edgewood Sanitarium where the doctors enforce inhuman practices as they work to “cure” the residents’ deranged minds. Here, the patients riot often in defense of the cruel and unusual treatment, which usually ends in bloodshed. As you can imagine, visitors are not allowed at Edgewood Sanitarium, which is why you must be quiet as you tiptoe through so as not to be mistaken for a loose patient!


When the traveling circus comes to town each fall, it’s like a dark cloud descending upon the neighborhood. Residents always go missing, and the clowns sneak around at night to mess with the locals. Despite the city’s plea for the circus to move on, they keep coming back to wreak havoc on the townsfolk year after year. Step right up and get ready to be entertained inside this big top tent of terror!



Indiana’s only 3D audio sensory experience is located at Nightmare On Edgewood. You and three of your friends will step inside the Oracle’s booth where she will detect three different fears present within your group. Once the fears have been detected, you will then be forced to face your fears… in total darkness.