Three Haunted ATTRACTIONS.



Heading out for a fun night at the movies, you sense that things aren’t what they seem. As the coming attractions end and the main feature begins, you start to wonder if you’re at the movies or in the movies! Break through the fourth wall at The Cinema to find yourself immersed in scenes from the most iconic horror movies of our time. 


If someone asks, “Hey kid, you want a balloon?” we suggest you decline! Despite what he tells you, not everything floats down there. Get past the dancing fella, and the Sawyer family’s son with the strangely sewn-together mask will try to get you to stay for dinner… but you might actually be dinner. By that point you might want to take a break and rest your eyes, but be careful. Freddy’s always nearby, waiting for you to slip into a dream state! If you don’t get trapped in your nightmares, you’ll surely get caught by Regan’s demons. Your last chance at escape is to tiptoe through camp without being noticed. Just remember: it doesn’t matter if you walk or run, he will always catch up.



This year, the nurses did some remodeling to make room for more new patients (including you!) at Edgewood Sanitarium. Here, the doctors enforce inhumane practices as they work to “cure” the residents’ deranged minds. It’s no surprise the patients riot often in defense of the cruel and unusual treatment, which usually ends in bloodshed. 

Your regular physician referred you to one of the doctors here at Edgewood Sanitarium, but surely that was a mistake, right? You didn’t realize the mixup until you’d already been checked in to a waiting room. Unfortunately, the results of your tests were inclusive, so we’re going to have to keep you overnight for observation. 


The Conleys have been farming the same land for decades. In recent years, generations of exposure to harsh chemicals and radiation have resulted in bizarre mutations and abnormalities in the family’s offspring. Despite repeated warnings and citations from the FDA, Papa kept right on using those deadly pesticides and fertilizer in his fields. Now the Conley children have all developed such monstrous defects that it’s hard to tell the animals from the humans!

As you navigate through the dilapidated barnyard and stables, be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb the farmhands. They get very upset when the animals get rowdy. Do you want to know how long it takes a pig to dispose of a body? Upset the daily operations at Conley Farm and we might find out!



Indiana’s only 3D audio sensory experience is located at Nightmare On Edgewood. You and three of your friends will step inside the Oracle’s booth where she will detect three different fears present within your group. Once the fears have been detected, you will then be forced to face your fears… in total darkness.


(NOTE: The attraction has four seats; one ticket is required for each person. Combo tickets DO NOT include admission to Shadows Escape)