$25 per person

gets you in to all 3 attractions

you will wait in a standard queue line with social distancing markers.

Fast Pass


$35 per person


all 3 attractions w/ 

reduced wait in the Main Line


SCHEDULE your arrival time

SPEND LESS TIME in the main line!

Looking for combo tickets to nightmare on edgewood and house of trepidation?

Make your GA or Fast Pass selection above to be redirected to the ticketing website, where you will find the combo ticket option.

A general admission ticket gets you into all three haunted attractions on any night of the 2020 season. You will wait in a standard queue line indoors with social distancing markers. Only members of your party will enter the haunt with you. 

If you purchase a fast pass ticket, you will be asked to pick a date and time to visit Nightmare on Edgewood. You MUST arrive on that day within 20 minutes of your scheduled arrival time. Fast Pass tickets do not guarantee immediate entry; you may encounter a short wait before entering the attraction. Only members of your party will enter the haunt with you.

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