COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

2020 marks the 42nd season for Nightmare On Edgewood. Over the years, we have gained an excellent reputation for safety and responsible operation with both local officials and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. This year will be no different in the sense that we will continue to operate with safety as our paramount consideration. This year, public health safety will take the forefront, while our usual commitment to fire safety and general safety will remain unchanged.

At the time of writing this plan, Indiana is at stage 4.5 of the Back On Track recovery plan. Should the stage advance or regress prior to opening for the 2020 season, adjustments may be made as needed to remain in compliance.

Guest Arrival & Waiting

Guests are encouraged to buy tickets online in advance to reduce the need for physical contact onsite.

Guests are also encouraged to consider scheduling their arrival time, thus reducing wait time, by purchasing timed tickets for our Fast Pass line.

Upon arrival at Nightmare on Edgewood, guests will purchase or redeem an entry ticket where we will have signage reminding them that they must be symptom free and wear face coverings.

Ticket windows are glass with a single small opening through which tickets and money are transfered. Sanitizer will be available at all ticket windows and merchandise booths.

Each guest will be screened for temperatures utilizing contactless infrared thermometers. They will also be reminded verbally that they must wear face coverings at all times and will be provided a mask if they do not have one with them.

Hand sanitizer stations will be provided around the front of house area for guest convenience. Stations will be available at the entrance to the front of house area, the front of the ticket booth and the entrance to the attraction. The sanitizing stations will be stocked with Hoosier Brewery hand sanitizing liquid. This product is FDA approved and contains 80% alcohol as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

While waiting, guests may play carnival games, enjoy a bull ride or experience the 4D trailer. Guests will be required to keep their face coverings in place while anywhere inside the designated area. All amusements and frequent touch areas within the facility will be sanitized at least hourly using Froggys Simply Sanitizer.

Portolets will be cleaned every 2 - 3 hours throughout the night and bottles of hand sanitizer will be supplied inside them.

Ground markings and other signage will remind guests to maintain social distancing between groups. Line dividers will be sanitized at least hourly. Once a group enters, another group will step forward maintaining social distance markings.

Prior to actually entering the attraction, each guest will use hand sanitizer. This, coupled with cast using hand sanitizer and high-touch surfaces being sanitized each hour, should minimize any contact spread of the virus. Guests will be reminded about keeping their face coverings on, not touching and maintaining social distance one last time before entering the attraction. Signage will also be present at the entry point.

Inside the Attraction

Groups will only enter the attraction with members of their own group. While we think this makes for a better, scarier and more enjoyable experience, it also means we are putting guests into the attraction at a significantly slower rate than in previous years. Please be patient and remember that this is a new world for all of us.

During their time in the attraction, actors will maintain social distance as much as practical from the guests and face coverings will remain in place.

Areas such as drop windows where guests and cast will be unable to maintain six feet of separation will be either covered with plexiglas or a similar covering, or not be utilized at all.

The space inside the attraction is approximately 53,000 square feet. With a conservative estimate of 40,000 sq ft of space not occupied by scenery, and utilizing the 36 square feet per individual standard, we would be able to contain 1,100 persons (including cast) inside the event at any given time. The average cast size is 75-100, so 1,000 guests could be inside in order to maintain social distancing.

It should be noted that this calculation is based on social distancing between each person. Actual social distancing will be between groups who arrive together as a household group or in the same vehicle, so this will actually represent an abundance of social distance. Groups of no more than 6 go into the attraction every one minute on busy nights and it takes approximately 30 minutes to traverse the attractions.

Cast & Staff - Training

Cast members are currently attending mandatory meetings beginning in August and continuing through the season. Meetings are being conducted with face coverings and with specific instruction and training to maintain social distance from guests.

Cast & Staff - Night of Show

Cast members arrive on site and check in with the cast director(s). They will be screened with a contactless infrared thermometer and sent home if they have a fever. They will also be questioned as to any symptoms they may have. Signage will also be present in this area as a reminder.

After checking in, cast members may go to the cast lounge/designated area to wait until they are called to makeup. No more than 10 cast will be allowed in the makeup room at one time.

When called to makeup, cast members will receive their costume and change into it, then place their street clothes into their personal locker. Both costumes and lockers will be sanitized nightly with disinfectant spray. Most cast members will be assigned a role prior to season and remain in that role the entire season (if at all possible), thus using the same costume and props. The costume manager will ensure that all costumes have been cleaned appropriately each night.

After changing into their costumes, cast members will report to makeup. The makeup stations are six feet apart per social distancing requirements. All makeup artists and cast will wear face coverings and artists will wear latex gloves. All makeup utilized at Nightmare on Edgewood is alcohol based and most is applied using airbrushes. The small amount of brush-applied makeup are also alcohol based palettes. Brushes will be disinfected in alcohol between each cast member. Makeup chairs will be wiped down with 1000 ppm sanitizer solution between each cast member.

After receiving makeup, cast members will return to the cast lounge or designated area of the attraction to wait. Shortly before show time, cast will report for an actor meeting. During the meeting they will remain six feet apart, will wear face coverings and will be asked to utilize the provided sanitizer before opening. Those actors who are stationed near stairs with a handrail, a door customers must open, or other high-contact areas will take a spray bottle of 1000 ppm sanitizer solution with them and use that at least hourly on those surfaces.

At the end of the night, cast members are released in waves to change out of costume and remove makeup as the last group of guests clear the areas. They will be encouraged to change quickly and clear the dressing room area so as to maintain social distance at the end of the night.

The Bottom Line:

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists when visiting any public space. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By visiting Nightmare on Edgewood you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

While we have done our best to provide a safe environment, it's up to every single guest to observe these rules and regulations while on site at Nightmare on on Edgewood. Wear a mask and be curteous to other groups. It's really that simple.

If you have specific concerns not addressed here, please send us an email or message us on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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